Our Purposes

Our Purpose (as set out in the Rules of the Association) is:

“To seek improvement and transparency in the performance of the Bass Coast Council across the entire shire”.

The Association was formed to raise the standard of accountability, transparency, community engagement, and fiscal discipline at Bass Coast Shire Council. At the time of formation, the members also agreed to the following specific aims:

  • To seek to ensure that Bass Coast Shire Council constantly improves transparency and consultation with the community
  • To seek to ensure that Council undertakes genuine community consultation by holding open public meetings, at times that will reasonably permit widespread community attendance, for all matters that may have an impact on the financial wellbeing of the community or on the amenity of the community
  • To seek to ensure that Council make all information concerning Councils financial position, including all accounts for all departments, and details of all tenders and contracts awarded by council, readily and easily accessible to ratepayers upon request
  • To seek to ensure that Bass Coast Shire Council does not impose annual average rate increases of more than 1.4 times the ‘ year-ended percentage change “All groups” consumer price index’ as published by the Reserve Bank of Australia for December of the calendar year preceding the budget preparation year
  • To seek to ensure that in the 6 months immediately before the CEO’s contract is due to expire that Council invites applications for the position of CEO in a notice in a newspaper circulating generally throughout Victoria, and that Council considers all applications received that comply with the conditions specified in the notice

Around 250 Bass Coast Ratepayers & Residents support BCRRA in holding Council to account. Would you like to join?

Membership of the Association is $5 per year. If you’d like to join, please download a copy of the Association’s rules, and a membership form.