19th August 2020

To view the archived video livestream of the meeting you can access it here.

To read a copy of the minutes from this meeting, click here.

(Attachments to the minutes can be downloaded from Council’s website here).

A brief summary of items that may be of interest to the community follows below.

• Public questions submitted and answered. To view these, please click here

• Cr Michael Whelan moved a motion concerning cycling safety along Thompson Avenue, Cowes. This followed from a recent incident where a person was knocked from their bicycle whilst riding on the Thompson Avenue bikeway, and reports from the community of regular minor incidents along this bikeway.
Council will review the safety of the cycling infrastructure along Thompson Avenue Cowes and prepare a report to Council on the work required to provide safe cycling in Cowes.

• Cr Bruce Kent moved a motion to prioritise the Kilcunda ‘Local’ skate park facility ahead of the Regional Skate Park in response to community feedback, and to apply to Sport and Recreation Victoria to extend the funding agreement for the Regional Skate Park for twelve months (to May 2022) to allow time to resolve current location issues.

• Council adopted the 2020/2021 Annual Budget following the hearing of submissions. You may read a copy of the submissions, Council’s response, and download a copy of the adopted budget document here.

• Council considered options available to protect the environmental qualities of the former Holden Proving Ground.
– The Minister for Planning considers this area a part of the Distinctive Areas and Landscapes project.
– A review of the Extractive Industry Interest Area mapping within Bass Coast will be sought with a view to having this area excluded from future mining operations.
– The Member for Bass has offered to lead a working party to further these aims

• Annual update reports were received for the Economic Development Strategy 2016-2021 and the Phillip Island and San Remo Visitor Economy Strategy 2035 – Growing Tourism

• Council adopted the Draft Climate Change Action Plan 2020-2030

• Council adopted the draft Public Transparency Policy 2020.

• Council adopted the Draft Governance Rules and Revised Election Period Policy