Julian Brown

In the absence of any response to our questions, or to our request for profile information to post here, we are providing a copy of Julian Brown’s Candidate Statement, as lodged with the VEC, for the community’s information.

I have a lifelong connection to Bass Coast. I grew up in Wonthaggi. I went to school there and later at Newhaven College before moving to Melbourne. While at university I focused on studying history, politics and languages and afterwards spent time living in South Africa and Japan. I have been running my martial arts studio in Wonthaggi since 2012.
We need councillors who have a balanced approach to decision making. For me the community, the environment and business are all important. I have an interest in the environment as shown by my support for our Biolinks program and my opposition to the Mahers Landing development proposal. However, the one area that will drift off the radar is business unless we have councillors who keep it front of mind.
In this time of Covid-19, businesses have been smashed like never before. I hope that council continues to advocate for businesses. I am a centrist. I have had a moderating influence in this term of council and I would do the same in the next council. I have consistently advocated for more money to be put into infrastructure projects.
We need to recommit to doing the basic things that residents always expect councils to look after. I am someone who thinks critically and won’t just tick off everything that is put in front of me. Residents expect councillors to lead and not be led. Councillors need the confidence to set the direction of council. That is their job. In the last term of council I have sat on the Audit Committee, the CEO Performance Committee and have been chair of the Place Names Committee and the chair of the Environmental Subgroup of the Covid-19 Recovery Response.

21 May 2024
No information or responses to our questions have been received at this time.

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0448 662 350julianforbunurong2020@gmail.com

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