Darrell Silva

In the absence of any response to our questions, or to our request for profile information to post here, we are providing a copy of Darrell Silva’s Candidate Statement, as lodged with the VEC, for the community’s information.

I first became familiar with Phillip Island 20+ years ago and have had a house on the island since 2013. My time on Phillip Island is not just for the summer but also during the off-season.
My strongly independent vision for Phillip Island is to create sustainable commercial, social and natural environments by listening directly to the ratepayers. I will be supporting local business by advocating for promotional campaigns beyond the major tourist attractions and removing obstacles to small business development.
I will also lobby for council plans and programs to address the evolving social needs of Phillip Island’s changing demographic. This includes servicing the needs of younger families moving to the island as well as the already diverse group of Phillip Island residents, especially with health care. I feel there is a need for the expansion of health services to cater for the needs of islanders. The Health Hub is a great start and I will be working with Council to lobby the State Government for local hospital services.
The natural environment of fauna and flora is an important part of Phillip Island life. I will be actively supporting the preservation of the bird life and vegetation along the shoreline, while advocating to maintain the current bush environments for the native fauna. The creation and maintenance of the natural Phillip Island environment adds to the well being and health of the residents. This includes areas for physical activities and sensitive consideration for off lead beach walks.
I am a Medical Scientist with post graduate Masters in Applied Finance and have been successfully managing business relationships across different cultures and government bodies within a global healthcare industry role.

8 December 2023
No information or responses to our questions have been received at this time.

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0411 108 034darrellwaynesilva@gmail.com

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