Bass Coast Ratepayers and 
Residents Association Inc.
Established  July 2016
Incorporated Association Number: A0096592H

Bass Coast Ratepayers and Residents Association Inc. (BCRRA) would like to hear the community’s views about what’s working well with Council, and what needs improvement. We are holding a public meeting at 2pm on Saturday March 16th 2019 at the Dalyston Hall, and all members of the Bass Coast Community are invited to attend.

Two hundred Shire citizens and ratepayers founded BCRRA in 2016 when the community was greatly concerned about excessive rate rises and a Council that seemed to have lost touch with most of the community. Since then the Association has successfully influenced Council on a number of issues such as;

Reversing the previous Councils decision to close the Inverloch Transfer Station [i]
Advocating for fairer rate increases and adherence to the State Government’s recommended rate cap
Pushing for improved public access to meetings via live streaming and recording of Council meetings

In November 2016, like most ratepayers and residents, we were very pleased to see the election of new Councillors and the promise of improved governance at Council. Initially there were notable improvements in community consultation, as well as the willingness to embrace the “Fair Go” rate caps.

However recently, we have become concerned about Council’s transparency and community consultation performance. For example, poor community consultation about -

The planned discontinuation of South Coast Mobile Library service in June this year [iii]
The  regional skate park planned for the San Remo foreshore without the local community involved in the choice of location
150-year old trees destroyed by Council to make way for a transit centre at Cowes

BCRRA is also concerned that our Councillors are reducing public transparency, for example;

Minutes of Ordinary Council meetings will no longer automatically show how each Councillor votes on motions put before them
Just weeks after approving the introduction of live-streaming, Councillors then decided to rescind their own decision and shelve the trial

At BCRRA’s recent AGM there was strong support for continuing the work of the association. Community members recognise that there is still important work to do in terms of maintaining council transparency and obtaining good outcomes for residents and ratepayers. If we are to continue this work, we need nominations for one of the key committee positions which currently remain vacant.

So please come along to the Dalyston Hall, Cnr Bass Highway/Tulloch St, Dalyston on Saturday March 16 at 2pm, and show your support for the association.

For directions, click here

If you can’t make the public meeting you can contact us here .

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