Bass Coast Ratepayers and 
Residents Association Inc.
Established  July 2016
Incorporated Association Number: A0096592H
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The results from this survey are now available                            Read more....

Bass Coast Ratepayer and Resident’s Association 2018 Survey

“Issues of Importance to the Community”

BCRRA conducted an online survey between 24th February and 11th April 2018 to gauge the community’s current concerns about Council. The results of this survey were reported at an open meeting held on Saturday 12th May 2018.

Overall the survey appears to be representative of residents living in the wider BCSC and who have lived here for a number of years (on average), indicating that respondents would be well-informed of matters. The main concerns for residents were a perceived lack of Council transparency, the Council salary bill and a lack of meaningful engagement resulting in the community feeling significantly disenfranchised. Other significant areas of concern include the adverse effects of changes in the waste contract and appropriateness of planning decisions leading to reduction in amenity and uniqueness of township character.

Three additional concerns our community acknowledged:

Overall, how satisfied or dissatisfied are you with the Bass Coast Shire Council ?

  • Over half 53.3% were somewhat or very dissatisfied (33% and 20% respectively)
  • Just over a third were somewhat or very satisfied (28% and 6.7% respectively)
i.e. the community is far more dissatisfied than satisfied with council

Rate Concerns

  • 90.8% of respondents felt council should abide by a recommended rate cap in future. Only 9.2% disagreed.
  • 79.9% believe general rates should be held at or below CPI, 11.84% disagreed and 9.21% feeling that this could vary depending on:
  1. special circumstances which need to be clearly articulated to the community,
  2. concerns over a yearly CIV rating affecting rates more than they do today,
  3. possibly freezing rates for a number of years to recoup excessive rises of past decade, 
  4. matching of CPI over a rolling 3 year period.

Do you believe the BCSC CEO should be automatically re-appointed?

The vast majority (94.6%) believe that the CEO should not be automatically reappointed. 

The BCRRA have gathered this information and produced some recommendations. Anybody wishing to obtain full details of the survey results or our recommendations should
email us and request a copy.